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Dr. Sandor Woren

New Patients Information

During your initial visit, Dr. Sandor Woren will take an extensive history and do a complete physical examination in his Los Angeles, CA office in order to establish an information database to optimize the treatment of your opiate dependence. He will also use this opportunity to screen for coexisting psychiatric, social and/or physical problems that may need to be addressed.

Additionally, the initial visit is used to educate patients (at a level of detail customized to their level of ability to understand) about how Suboxone® works. This visit also covers how to take it properly, including the pitfalls of improper use. For this purpose, Dr. Woren uses custom-designed models along with an erasable easel as teaching aids in order to highlight these concepts and enhance retention. You will also be provided with various patient information pamphlets. Dr. Woren considers education of paramount importance in a successful outcome of comfortable opiate detoxification and long term abstinence.

Many if not most physicians require the patient to present in full blown opiate withdrawal, and then induce them with Suboxone® in the office. However, Dr. Woren allows most of his patients the option of self-inducing at home, where they enjoy privacy, convenience, safety and comfort during these first several uncomfortable hours.

Many physicians assume that somehow people are not smart enough to “do it themselves” at home. But this practice is totally devoted to the treatment of opiate addiction, with Suboxone® used as a cornerstone drug. Dr. Woren assumes that most of his patients leave the first session well briefed with all the knowledge required in order to induce themselves on Suboxone® at home. A prescription for an initial supply of Suboxone® will be provided.

Following this initial visit at the Los Angeles office, Dr. Woren invites all new patients to call him, day or night, when they are ready to induce themselves. He then proceeds to “coach” them through it by telephone. The doctor makes himself extraordinarily available to new patients for this purpose. Dr. Woren will, of course, keep in close telephone contact with you during the initial stages of your treatment, and to a lesser extent, throughout your treatment. Remember, although Suboxone® is an extraordinarily useful drug, they key to success is a proper treatment plan customized to each individual patient.

Following your initial Suboxone® induction, Dr. Woren will re-evaluate you at monthly intervals at his Los Angeles office. Based on your progress, he will decide if you can be tapered off Suboxone® or instead benefit from prolonged maintenance treatment in order to prevent relapses and maintain mental wellbeing. At all stages of your treatment, be assured that you will receive top-notch, valued patient service. Either Dr. Woren or his assistant is on call 24 hours a day to address any problems you may have.
Miscellaneous Documents:
  • Facts and Information about Opiate Dependence
  • Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST-10)
  • Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale
  • Proper Sublingual Administration of Suboxone®
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